I'm loving the make-up remover, because it's excellent in removing eye make-up, mascara and liquid eye-liner 🙂 Only do one swipe, 2 at most and it's off. What I'm looking for now is a skin tighter for my face 

- Tracey
(Feedback after using makeup remover)

I'm using the sleep-good balm, lip balm and hair oil regularly. Love them, especially the hair oil! It changed the feel and appearance of my hair from first use! 

– Maryam
(Feedback after using Hair oil)

Hello there!! I just wanted to say that I truly love the hair oil!! Every time I use it my hair is incredibly soft and shiny. Also, feels heaps stronger 😁😁

- Debrah
(Feedback after using Hair oil)

Hi. When I was due to leave, I did have a headache. Not bad but enough that I would have had a Panadol when I got home just to kick it in the butt so to speak. I used your headache balm and it did lesson. After I had been home for around 45 mins I popped some more on and that was just enough for my headache to totally go😊😊 THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️ 

- Sharon
(Feedback after using Head-ache balm)

Using all the products regularly and totally enjoying them. I particularly liked the body serum, on its application, I absolutely have no dry skin on my hands and legs...smoothens the skin. 😊

- Samira
(Feedback after using Body Serum)

I use pigmentation and beauty balm twice a day, massaging onto my face and neck. I feel that there has been a great change in my pigmentation and redness on the face. I also feel very soothing and refreshing 

– Celeste

I had a dry and flaky scalp, with the use of the hair oil every second day, I have noticed a considerable change in my scalp. My hair feel softer now too

– Mark

Thanks to Arya's essentials face scrub and acne balm I can see a massive difference in my complexion. At first I broke out heaps more than usual, I've been using both the products for over a month and I've been having lots of complements on my complexion, I've also been using the eczema balm for my hands as I've been suffering with dermatitis and it's helped heal my aching sore hands, I also used it in my feet as I have dry skin and dermatitis on my feet too and it's made my feet very soft.
I love using Arya essentials as it's made a big improvement on my skin instead of using manufactured products that only do half the job.
The body oil is very good too my body feels baby soft even after being out all day.
Thanks again for your amazing products I will be stocking up again soon

Kind regards

Stacey 💜

Testimony of Success story for Arya Essentials - 1

Before using the products

1 week after using the makeup remover/cleanser, beauty balm and acne balm.

2 week after using the makeup remover/cleanser, beauty balm and acne balm.     

Testimony of Success story for Arya Essentials - 2

Before using the products. Photo taken on 24th Jul.

Photo taken on 07th Sep after using pigmentation balm.